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We created this site NoiseHoodsEu because we want to help in the fight against detrimental effects of noise on people¢s health.

Nowadays noise is pervasive and makes life unpleasant for people in many places. One of the most noticeable kinds of excessive noise affecting human body is noise at work.
According to the press release of EU OSHA of April 20, 2005 it is estimated that a third of European employees are exposed to a high noisiness for more than a quarter of their working time. World Health Organization recognized the hearing loss caused by noise to be „the most widespread occupational disease with irreversible consequences“. The recent survey (Work and Health in EU - Statistical picture of European Commission 2004) also indicates that approximately seven per cent of all European employees in industry suffer from hearing disorders, for example deafness, tinnitus (ringing, piping, buzzing or humming in ears) or other hearing defects. Annual compensating costs for employees in the whole Europe amount to as much as 35 million EUR (according to The Hearing Academy, the Netherlands).
Hearing defects caused by noise are irreversible, but can be prevented.

One of the possibilities of preventing health impairment due to excessive noise is utilization of noise hoods.
Application of our acoustic enclosures enables the people to work more contentedly, more safely and better.
By using noise-damping measures designed by our firm the employers are given the instrument of compliance with legislative requirements for protection of employees against health threat due to noise.


 (taken from Center of environmental hygiene of State Health Institute Prague)

Noise is every unwanted sound that is disturbing or troublesome or that affects adversely human health. Negative effects of noise on human health are partly specific ones, presented by disorders of the function of acoustic analyzer, partly non-specific ones (extra hearing), when functions of various systems of the organism are affected. These non-specific system effects appear almost in the whole range of noise intensities, frequently they are accompanied by stress reaction and impact on neurohumoral a neurovegetative regulation, biochemical reactions, sleep, higher nervous functions, such as learning and memory, impact on sensory motoric functions and coordination.


RNDr. B. Madejewski,CSc., Ing. V. Kotrba, CSc.

The article describes the design, calculation and test results noise attenuation of the noise hood for large industrial compressors driven by electric motors. Predicted noise attenuation (software UTLUM) has been validated by practical measurements at the customer¢s place.